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Call for Papers, RDMMHS-AUG-2017, Singapore

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Call for Papers, SBHS-AUG-2017, South Korea

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Call for Papers, IBMHD-AUG-2017, Malaysia

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Call for Papers, SBPM-AUG-2017, Bangkok Thailand

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Call for Papers, RMHS-AUG-2017, Phuket Thailand

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Call for Papers, AIBMHS-AUG-2017, Dubai UAE

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Call for Papers, DIRMHS-AUG-2017, Istanbul Turkey

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Maintain the research excellence and leadership in the field of Medical and health Sciences through engaging and serving scholars as well as practitioners, and to be the international voice for the highest standards for Medical and Health Sciences.

Core Values

We are known for our unique 4 core values

  • Proficiency
  • Veracity
  • Compassion
  • Community building


Developing effective and responsible platform by building insightful knowledge and inspiring minds in dialogue with the world around us.

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Track 1- Medical and Health Sciences | Track 2- Paramedical Sciences | Track 3- Medicine Sciences | Track 4- Biological and Life sciences | Track 5- Veterinary Medicine and Sciences | Track 6- Food Science & Nutrition | Track 7- Agricultural sciences | Track 8- Interdisciplinary