Forum for Medical and Health Sciences


Our vision is to maintain the research excellence and leadership in the field of Medical and health Sciences through engaging and serving scholars as well as practitioners, and to be the international voice for the highest standards for Medical and Health Sciences


Developing effective and responsible platform by building insightful knowledge and inspiring minds in dialogue with the world around us.

Core Values

We are known for our unique 4 core values

  • Proficiency
  • Veracity
  • Compassion
  • Community building

About the Organization

We, in ANIMH, believe that science must continue to be the basis for the practice of modern healthcare. To successfully provide comprehensive care, health professionals must be able to combine compassion, understanding, and communication skills with a readily accessible knowledge base. We believe that all health science educationalists have a commitment to their scholars, their profession, and to themselves to model the highest standards of proficiency andĀ  we believe in equality, embracing the diversity of all colleagues regardless of cultural, geographic, or political boundaries.

The objectives of Forum forĀ Medical and health Sciences is to advance health profession education through teacher development and to ensure that the teaching and learning of medical science continues to be firmly grounded in foundational sciences and the best practices of academic research.

We strive to achieve this by:

  • providing multidisciplinary, inter-professional and cross-cultural forums for discussion of issues affecting medical science education and educators;
  • designing and evaluating current and innovative means to teach the sciences fundamental to health professions, and sharing the results for the development of all health professions educators and;
  • giving our services as an international association to enhance appreciation of the vital role of medical sciences in health and health care.

Our Partners

As a corporate partner, you have numerous opportunities to engage the research community, influence the conversation, and promote your brand. You will be partnered with key decision makers and administrators from universities around the globe. We welcome academic research institutions for joint collaboration in knowledge generation and dissemination through our platform.