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Call for Posters

The International Conference on Medical Medicine and Health Sciences, conference poster session will provide an opportunity for authors to interact informally with conference attendees, using a standard-size poster as a visual aid. Presenting a poster is also a good way to discuss and receive feedback on a work in progress that has not been fully developed into a paper. To facilitate this interaction, the International Conference on Medical Medicine and Health Sciences, conference poster session will be held in conference common areas, where attention of the participants is expected to be high.

Poster proposal should be submitted consisting of an extended abstract, with a maximum of 250-300 words describing the research that would be the topic of the poster for presentation and discussion. You might include a small version of a figure or two that would be in the poster, such as a screen shot of a system you will be describing. Posters are submitted to the conference.  If your poster proposal is accepted, you will be notified and then you can prepare the actual poster which should be maximum of 45″x 60″.