World Engineering Technology and Applied Science Forum

Publication Prospect

In our Forum, Academic papers are published in the context of an academic conference which is called proceedings. They are distributed in Electronic volumes (Usb / Pen drive) at the day of conference, Will also be uploaded online on our website. They are the written record of the work that is presented to fellow researchers.

1. Our proceedings are organized by our editorial team. The quality of the papers is ensured by having external reviewers, who read the papers for review and give their feedback before they are accepted/rejected in the proceedings. Accepted manuscripts are published in ISBN conference proceedings. Conference proceeding are submitted to Indexation agencies.
  • ┬áThe editors decide about the composition of the proceedings, the order of the papers, and produce the preface and possibly other pieces of text. Although most changes in papers occur on basis of consensus between editors and authors, editors can also single-handedly make changes in papers.

2. Associated Scopus indexed journals. Publication will be reliant on the decision of review committee and quality of article.

3. All selected conference papers will be published free of cost in our associated journals that are having unique ISSN and Published on quarterly basis. These journals are indexed by:
  • DOI
  • Google Scholar
  • Crossref